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Acceptance  "You must accept the fact that God accepts you."   

Behavior and Belief  "James 2:19 says the demons believe and tremble. They believe in God, but still act like demons. I've met some people like that." --Kent Crockett

Bitterness "Bitterness is the offspring of an unhealed wound—whose parents are unforgiveness and time." --Kent Crockett

Bitterness "The longer you allow the root of bitterness to grow in the soil of your heart, the more love it will devour." --Kent Crockett

Blessing   Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers," not "Blessed are the troublemakers." --Kent Crockett

Burdens  "Burdens are the invisible luggage bags that we carry on our souls."

Burnout  "To burn out all we have to do is keep giving out until the tank is empty. We go from giving out to giving up". --Kent Crockett

Comfort Zones "God places many of His blessings outside of our comfort zones and then asks us to come get them."--Kent Crockett

Comparing with others "If we compare ourselves with others, we will become either proud or discouraged—and neither is from God." 

Complaining  "Some people have enough steam to blow the whistle, but not enough steam to pull the train."

Compromise  "Compromise is planting God's flowers in the devil's dirt." --Kent Crockett

Confessing Sins  "We don’t need to confess our sins a thousand times. We need to confess them once and thank God a thousand times for forgiving them." 

Contentment "Contentment in life is not found in a perfect set of circumstances but by choosing to be happy in every situation."--Kent Crockett

Contentment "Has it ever occurred to you that the things you now have and take from granted were once things that you were desperately trying to get?" --Kent Crockett

Contentment "A nicer golf course won't make you a better golfer. A nicer environment won't make you a better person."

Conviction "Conviction is when the Holy Spirit shines His light on a dark area in your heart." --Kent Crockett

Conviction "The thing that aggravates you may be the Holy Spirit convicting you of an attitude that needs to be changed." --Joyce Meyer

Counseling  "If you are drowning, don't ask another drowning person to save you. They cannot help solve your problem because they have not solved their own." --Kent Crockett

Coveting   "Coveting means I have to have what the 'haves' have." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants, Hendrickson Publishers

Criticism  "As compassion decreases, criticism increases. As compassion increases, criticism decreases." --Kent Crockett

Cross "People who look at the cross and walk away unchanged do not see what happened there." --Kent Crockett

Differences "We can be brothers without being twin brothers."

Discipleship "We don’t take up our cross daily to crucify Jesus again but to crucify our selfishness." --Kent Crockett

Discontentment  "Discontentment always searches for the nearest exit sign." --Kent Crockett

Discontentment "Discontentment points us to a place where God isn’t leading." --Kent Crockett

Doubt  "Doubts occur when what we expect to happen isn’t happening, or what shouldn’t be happening is happening." --Kent Crockett

Envy "Coveting wants what others have, but envy wants them to lose it." --Kent Crockett

Envy  "God never intended everyone to have what everyone else has." --Kent Crockett

Excellence "If you want to know what separates the best from the average, and the excellent from the mediocre, it is working just as hard at what you have to do as what you like to do." 

Excellence  "Excellence is taking every assignment seriously for the glory of God." --Kent Crockett

Faith "Everything we do FOR God is based upon our concept OF God." --Kent Crockett, Making Today Count for Eternity, Multnomah Publishers

Faith "Focus your attention on the ability of God instead of the difficulty of the task." --Kent Crockett

Faith "Faith is the ability to look past adverse circumstances and see God’s hand at work." --Kent Crockett

Faith "Faith is thinking like God thinks." --Kent Crockett

Faithfulness "Little things are big things." --Kent Crockett

Faithfulness "God isn’t interested in us being famous in the world’s eyes, but in us being faithful in His eyes." --Kent Crockett, Making Today Count for Eternity, Multnomah Publishers

Forgiveness "The only way to forget what we have done is to remember what He has done." --Kent Crockett

Forgiving Others “We base our forgiveness on what God has done for us, not on what another person has done to us.” --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants, Hendrickson Publishers

Forgiving Others "Every time we recall an injury, we hit the “play” button on the DVR in our minds and we get wounded one more time." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants, Hendrickson Publishers

Forgiving Others  "Unforgiveness keeps us chained to whomever we don’t forgive." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants, Hendrickson Publishers

Forgiving Others  "Forgiveness means we love mercy more than justice." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants, Hendrickson Publishers

Greener Grass  “I think I’ve finally located the greener grass. It’s in Psalm 23:2.” --Kent Crockett

Giving  "Giving isn’t hard if we love the object of our gift. If we don’t love the recipient of the gift, giving is extremely difficult." (Kent Crockett, Making Today Count for Eternity, Multnomah Publishers)

Giving  "Giving our money to the Lord proves that we love Him more than the things we could have bought with it." --Kent Crockett, Making Today Count for Eternity, Multnomah Publishers)

Giving "If our offering means nothing to us, it means nothing to God." --Kent Crockett, Making Today Count for Eternity, Multnomah Publishers)

God’s Will "God’s will isn’t revealed as a blueprint we see all at once, but as a scroll that is unrolled a little bit at a time."

God's Will  "God leads you into His will. Discontentment drives you out of His will." --Kent Crockett

God's Will  "Not every open door is God saying yes, and not every closed door is God saying no. Use discernment." --Kent Crockett, The Sure Cure for Worry, Chosen Books, 2013, p.167)

Guidance  "God will maneuver you from one place to another by planting ideas in your mind and desires in your heart." --Kent Crockett, The Sure Cure for Worry, Chosen Books, 2013, p.37)

Guilt  "Guilt is your refusal to allow Jesus Christ to pay for your sins." --Kent Crockett

Hearing God "If you want the Lord to continue speaking to you, you must obey what He has already revealed to you." --Kent Crockett, The Sure Cure for Worry, Chosen Books, 2013

Heavenly Assignments "The few brief moments you live on earth will determine your responsibilities for all eternity." --Kent Crockett, Making Today Count for Eternity, Multnomah Publishers

Heavenly Minded "We should be heavenly-minded in order to be of more earthly good. Jesus was the most heavenly-minded person to ever walk this planet, and He did more earthly good than anyone in history." --Kent Crockett, Making Today Count for Eternity, Multnomah Publishers

Holiness “When I look into the mirror I realize I’m becoming an old man. It’s only by God’s grace I’m not becoming a dirty old man.” –Kent Crockett

Holy Spirit "Never forget that the Holy Spirit's first name is Holy." --Kent Crockett

Holy Spirit "If anyone is faking a religious experience, God isn't doing it. He's the Spirit of Truth, not the spirit of fake." --Kent Crockett

Holy Spirit  "The Holy Spirit is our only source for holiness, empowering us to live a godly life." --Kent Crockett

Honesty "If we don’t own up to the things we do, we are forced to cover up." --Kent Crockett

Humility   "A truly humble person cannot be humiliated." --Kent Crockett

Humility  "Humility is the key to God’s heart that unlocks His mercy." --Kent Crockett, Making Today Count for Eternity, Multnomah Publishers)

John the Baptist  "When John the Baptist went to a restaurant he always ordered the same thing--'I'll take the locusts and wild honey'" --Kent Crockett

Joy  "You can't shine your light until you first lighten up." --Kent Crockett

Joy   “People are paying thousands for a face-lift. Joy will give you a face-lift and it won’t cost you a dime.” --Kent Crockett

Judgmental  "Judgmental people have lost their compassion for others." --Kent Crockett

Legalism "Legalism uses guilt to make other people change their beliefs." --Kent Crockett

Loneliness "Loneliness is that emptiness you feel when you've chosen to separate yourself from fellowship." --Kent Crockett

Love  "Love can be defined in two words--GIVE and FORGIVE." --Kent Crockett

Love "Phileo loves nice people. Agape loves mean people." --Kent Crockett (Different Greek words for "love")

Love your neighbor "When you swap places with others to feel how they hurt, you’ve taken the first step toward loving your neighbor as yourself." --Kent Crockett

Love everyone  "Jesus never said everyone was lovable but to love everyone." --Kent Crockett

Love everyone "I was never much good at loving everybody, but I got pretty good at loving the Someone who knew how to love them. And that was the beginning of healing." --Granny Lindsay

Loving our enemies   "Loving our enemies is not a natural reaction; it’s a supernatural action." --Kent Crockett

Lust "The only way to overcome lust is through a genuine work of the Holy Spirit in your heart." --Kent Crockett

Marriage "Love at first sight is nothing special. It's when two people have been looking at each other for years that it becomes a miracle." --Sam Levison

Mercy "God is so merciful that His throne is called the mercy seat." --Robert Morris

Mercy "If you think you deserve mercy, then it's not mercy." --Kent Crockett

Mercy "Truth without mercy is mean. Mercy without truth is meaningless." --Jimmy Evans

Mercy "Mercy means you can look at failure and still see a future." --John Claypool

Mercy "Mercy is the heart of God. Grace is the hand of God." --Unknown

Mercy "The problem is we want justice for everyone else but mercy for ourselves." --Kent Crockett

Obedience "God never commands us to do something that He won’t enable us to do." --Kent Crockett, Making Today Count for Eternity, Multnomah Publishers)

Opinions If I could design a plaque to hang in my kitchen, it would read, “Not everyone thinks like you do.” --Kent Crockett, The 911 Handbook

Offended "Every bitter person had his or her start through being offended by someone." --Kent Crockett

Opinions "Right is wrong when correct opinions are used to destroy someone." --Kent Crockett

Patience “Sometimes God is more interested in developing patience inside us than answering our prayers quickly.” --Kent Crockett

Perception  "Satan wants our perception to be based upon deception." --Joyce Meyer

Persistence "Many of God’s blessings are waiting behind doors that are yet to be knocked on." --Kent Crockett

Persistence "Persistence is the most overlooked means of receiving God’s blessings." --Kent Crockett

Perspective "See a big Jesus and a little devil." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants

Plans  "Making plans will cause you to act rather than react." 

Prayer "God designed prayer to be a courier service to deliver our problems into His hands." --Kent Crockett

Prayer "Our closeness to God can be measured by how much we talk to Him when we’re NOT at church." --Kent Crockett

Pride "Pride loves to be worshipped and is greatly offended when it is overlooked." --Kent Crockett, Making Today Count for Eternity

Priorities "If we get the top button of a shirt buttoned wrong, all of the other buttons will also be off."--Kent Crockett, Making Today Count for Eternity

Promises of God "Although you cannot see God, you can see His promises recorded in the Bible." --Kent Crockett, The Sure Cure for Worry

Provision of God "God commanded ravens to provide food for Elijah. God knows exactly where you are and how to deliver His provision to you." --Kent Crockett, The Sure Cure for Worry, Chosen Books, 2013)

Rejection "Rejection isn’t what happens to us, but how we interpret what happens to us." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants

Rejection "Man's rejection can be God's direction. Rejection is a common way the Lord directs people to a new place." --Kent Crockett, The Sure Cure for Worry, Chosen Books, 2013)

Rejection "Don’t let rejection stick to the soles of your feet or you’ll carry it with you to the next village [Matt. 10:14] " --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants, Hendrickson Publishers, 2013

Rejection "Choose to view your rejections in a new way. God may be protecting you, or directing you to a different assignment." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants, Hendrickson Publishers, 2013

Repentance "Repentance is a decision to want freedom more than bondage." --Kent Crockett

Repentance "Regret wants to change the past, but repentance wants to change the future." --Kent Crockett

Self-Hate "To 'hate self' means to hate selfishness, not the person God created you to be." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants,

Self-Image "The way you see yourself determines how you believe others see you." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants,

Self-Image "Self-image is the self-portrait that hangs in the gallery of your mind." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants

Self-Worth "God never gave us abilities as a measuring stick to determine our self-worth." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants

Self-Worth "It’s not what you say about yourself that makes it true but what God says about you." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants

Self-Worth "Some people have delusions of grandeur, while others have delusions of worthlessness."--Kent Crockett

Self-Worth "Everyone has equal value in God’s eyes. The homeless man lying in the gutter is just as valuable as the most admired movie star." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants, Hendrickson Publishers, 2013

Serving  "People want good service, but they don’t want to be good servants." --Kent Crockett, Making Today Count for Eternity

Serving  “The best way to find out whether or not you really have a servant’s heart is to see what your reaction is when somebody treats you like one.” -- Elisabeth Elliot

Singleness "If God can lead a fish to a man (Matthew 17:27 ), then He can lead a woman to a man, or a man to a woman." --Kent Crockett, The Sure Cure for Worry, Chosen Books, 2013

Sovereignty "Sometimes there is a divine purpose for the things that don’t happen." --Kent Crockett, The 911 Handbook

Sovereignty "If Satan can take something good and turn it into evil, cannot God take something evil and turn it into good?" --Kent Crockett, The Sure Cure for Worry, Chosen Books, 2013

Sovereignty "God controls events that are totally out of your control." --Kent Crockett, The Sure Cure for Worry

Temptation "Just as Superman weakens as he gets near the Kryptonite, we weaken when we get near the temptation." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants, Hendrickson Publishers, 2013

Temptation "It is hard to pick forbidden fruit from a hundred yards away, but it is easy if you are at an arm’s length." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants, Hendrickson Publishers, 2013

Temptation  "Why do some people have more temptations than others? Simple. They expose themselves to more temptations. Do the math. The more temptations you expose yourself to, the more battles you’ll have to fight." --Kent Crockett, I Once Was Blind, But Now I Squint

Temptation  "Rather than saying no to temptation say yes to Jesus." --Kent Crockett, Slaying Your Giants

Trust  "If we don’t rest in the Lord, we will become restless." --Kent Crockett

Trust  "The Lord doesn’t always let us in on what He’s doing. Trust fills the gap when we don’t understand. We must give the Father the benefit of the doubt." --Kent Crockett, The Sure Cure for Worry, Chosen Books, 2013

Trust  "We are learning to trust in an invisible God whom we will not see until after we die." --Kent Crockett, The Sure Cure for Worry

Truth  "The person who won't change his mind to line up with the truth will change the truth to line up with his mind." --Kent Crockett

Understanding  "Just because you can't understand something doesn't make it untrue." --Kent Crockett

Ungratefulness  "Cursed is the person who is surrounded by blessings but is unable to see them." --Kent Crockett

Ungratefulness  "God has given us far more blessings than we’ve ever thanked Him for." --Kent Crockett

Wisdom  "If you need wisdom, ask God. God always knows what to do when you don’t. (James 1:5-7)." --Kent Crockett, The Sure Cure for Worry

Wisdom  "You might not be able to improve your I.Q., but you can improve your W.Q. by praying for wisdom."--Kent Crockett

Wisdom  "Common sense is the ability to see the obvious. Wisdom is the ability to see beyond the obvious."--Kent Crockett

Worry  "Worry never trusts. Trust never worries. You cannot worry and trust God at the same time." --Kent Crockett, The Sure Cure for Worry

Value "The value of something isn’t determined by how much it appreciates, but by how much it is appreciated." --Kent Crockett