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Slaying Your Giants STUDY GUIDE

This Discussion Guide is to be used along with the Slaying Your Giants book. Since each chapter stands independent from the rest, you can decide the duration and number of times you meet. Your group can meet as little as 4 times or up to 20 sessions if you study each chapter.

Each person in the group must have their own copy of Slaying Your Giants PLUS the Study Guide.

  • Each person reads the assigned chapter before each meeting.
  • Each person writes down the answers to each question in the space provided in the Study Guide.
  • The group leader will ask the questions and the group members will share their answers and insights.
  • For the teacher's help, the answers are listed in the back of the Study Guide.

10 Secrets to Life's Biggest Challenges

by Peter Lord & Kent Crockett

Discussion questions are included in the book at the end of each chapter. (10 chapters)