Theology & Other Studies

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1. Israel places and Scriptures

2. Salvation and going to Heaven

3. How many apostles are listed in the Bible?

4. The Pre-Existence of Jesus

5. Questions about Tithing

6. Calvinism vs Arminianism vs Evangelicalism

7. Predestination

8. Is it Possible to Resist God's Grace?

9. How to Interpret the Bible

10. Can a Christian lose his salvation?

11. Questions about Baptism

12. Angels

13. Demons

14. The Jehovah Names of God

15. Definitions of Spiritual Gifts

16. Over 100 Quotes

17. Definition of "the Only Begotten Son"

18. The Virgin Birth

19. Is the doctrine of "original sin" Scriptural?

20. The Need for Repentance

21. Who were the Pharisees?

22. Who were the Sadducees?

23. We are not under the Law

24. Do we need to keep the Sabbath?

25. The Ark of the Covenant

26. Everything you wanted to know about Hell

27. Isaiah's 38 Prophecies of the Messiah

28. The Five Purposes of Prayer

29. Lessons from Cain, Balaam and Korah

30. Degrees of Sin--Sin, Transgression, Iniquity

31. Why did Jesus talk about Himself in third person?

32. List of Scriptures commanding us to Not Be Afraid

33. Does God Speak to People Today?

34. What is the Q Document?
35. Universalism, Annihilation and Purgatory

36. Barabbas and the Scapegoat

37. Explaining Reincarnation

38. Is the 1611 King James Version the only correct translation?

39. Should I love myself or hate myself?

40. Since we don't have the original manuscripts can we trust the Bible?

41. What was Paul's "thorn in the flesh"?

42. What is the purpose of fasting?

43. Was a rope tied around the High Priest's ankle?

44. Where did the High Priest put the blood when the Ark of the Covenant was missing?

45. Making Restitution

46. Everyone will be Resurrected