Amazing Stories & Daily Devotionals

Jesus taught spiritual truths about God’s kingdom by telling stories that people could visualize and remember. In Amazing Stories & Daily Devotionals, Kent Crockett uses unusual true stories, humor, and personal experiences to help readers understand the Scriptures and apply them to their daily lives.

A Few Amazing Stories

  • Several heart-transplant patients began thinking their donor’s thoughts.
  • A swimming coach in Australia used a live crocodile to motivate his students.
  • A woman who couldn’t swim fell overboard on a cruise ship at night—and was rescued alive ten hours later. 
  • In two cases of unusual deaths, one man was killed by a fish while another man was shot by a snake.
  • A man in England sneezed every two minutes for 37 years until they found the cause.
  • A man who worked in a sewer found jewels, gold bracelets, and diamond rings that had been flushed down toilets.
  • Two one-armed college football players set records at their schools.
  • A woman mistakenly threw away a mattress containing nearly $1 million inside.