Slaying Your Giants

by Kent Crockett

Filled with inspiring stories, insights, and humor, Slaying Your Giants gives advice to help you defeat 20 invisible giants you will face in life. Learn how to overcome: 





•Anger •Unforgiveness •Guilt •Jealousy & more

"Wow! Practical! User Friendly!" —Pastor David Lino, Kingwood, Texas


Slaying Your Giants


This Study/Discussion Guide is designed for Small Groups and Sunday School classes. Since each chapter stands independent from the rest, you can decide the duration and number of times you meet. Your group can meet as little as 4 times or up to 20 sessions if you study each chapter.

  • Each person in the group must have their own copy of Slaying Your Giants PLUS the Study Guide. Each person reads the assigned chapter before each meeting.
  • Each person writes down the answers to each question in the space provided in the Study Guide.
  • The group leader will ask the questions and the group members will share their answers and insights.
  • For the teacher's help, the answers are listed in the back of the Study Guide.

If God Knows What I Need, Why Should I Pray?

by Kent Crockett

Prayer has four different purposes and some things will not happen unless you pray. Otherwise, prayer serves no purpose. This book answers these questions:

  • What can stop my prayers from being answered?
  • When will the answer come?
  • How will God speak to me?
  • How does heaven see my prayers?
  • Why are some prayers not answered like I asked?
  • If I pray for wisdom how do I know when I get it?
  • Why does God want me to pray for my enemies?
  • Can God change people if I pray for them?

The Sure Cure for Worry

by Kent Crockett

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"This book will show you how you can trust God and how to keep from worrying." --George Foreman, former two-time world heavyweight boxing champion and Olympic gold medalist.

You cannot worry and trust God at the same time. Trust forces out worry and worry forces out trust. This book shows you how to put your complete trust in God even when circumstances look out of control.  You will discover:

  • 92% of the things you worry about will never happen. But what about the other 8%? 
  • How will I find the right person to marry?
  • How is God able to get His provision to me?
  • How can praying for protection remove my fear?

Making Today Count for Eternity

by Kent Crockett

"Making Today Count for Eternity tackles one of the most exciting yet overlooked topics in Scripture...our eternal reward and its relationship to life here on earth." --Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor North Point Community Church

When you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord, heaven will be your eternal destination. But how you live after you've been saved will determine your assignments in heaven. Your eternal rewards are being determined right now. Learn what Jesus meant when He said, "lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven" (Matt. 6:19).

10 Secrets to Life's Biggest Challenges

by Peter Lord and Kent Crockett

Everyone will face many challenges in life. Trying to figure out how to solve every problem can be an overwhelming task. But suppose you can separate and group them under ten topics. This book gives wise advice from two authors who have lived through them.

"I have known Peter Lord for many years and he has spoken at many of my conferences. I'm so glad that he's written another book of advice to help people in this very troubled world." --James Robison, host of Life Today TV program.

"Pastoral guidance and sound scriptural perspective make this book a must-read" --Pastor Robert Morris, Gateway Church, Southlake, Texas and host of The Blessed Life TV program

"A fantastic resource to equip every believer with the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome in every circumstance." --Jimmy Evans, host of Marriage Today TV program.