Pastor Abusers

When Sheep Attack Their Shepherd

by Kent Crockett

Pastor, are you under attack? "Pastor Abusers" are mean-spirited church members who criticize and bully their pastor with the goal of forcing him out. How can a pastor defend himself against these attacks? Pastor Abusers is a survival manual for pastors, giving helpful advice about what to do, when to stay, and when to leave. 

    Over 30 abused pastors were interviewed and their quotes are listed in each chapter. Every pastor needs to read this book!

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"As a pastor myself, I have seen these type people operating in my church and churches of friends of mine. I wish this book had been in my hands 30 years ago when I began my ministry"

"Should be required reading for every seminary student"

"A truly eye-opening book that helps us pastors realize that we are not alone as the abused party and this unacceptable bullying the man of God needs to be stopped. Thank you Kent for boldly telling it like it is with much biblical insight."