Evolution vs. Creation

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1. Why Evolution is Impossible

2. Can Evolution Produce an Eye?

3. The Case for Intelligent Design

4. Footprints Found in Precambrian Rock

5. Unchanged after Millions of Years

6. Haeckel's Fake Drawings

7. Blood Clotting

8. The Amazingly Complex Human Body

9. Living Fossil Discovered

10. Quotes by Evolutionists

11. Mitochondrial DNA

12. Evolution's Hoaxes

13. The Laetoli Footprints

14. Misplaced Fossils

15. Iron Hammer Found In Cretaceous Limestone

16. Radiometric Dating

17. The Missing Link

18. The Miracle of Breathing

19. Java Man

20. Facts about Earth

21. The Miracle of the Sun

22. The Alleged Horse Series

23. Redrawing the Evolutionary Charts

24. Life on Mars Proven?

25. The Archaeoraptor Fraud

26. Human-Chimp DNA Comparison

27. Creation in Six Literal Days?

28. The Recapitulation Theory

29. Which Chart Should We Believe?

30. Sexual Reproduction

31. Hummingbirds Could Not Have Evolved

32. How Long Does it Take to Make a Fossil?

33. Does Homology Prove Evolutionary Descent or Intelligent Design?

34. Different Designs of Eyes Prove an Intelligent Designer

35. What It Takes to Make a Cell

36. Darwin vs Genetics

37. Mutations and Intelligent Design

38. 125 million-year-old DNA?

39. Radiocarbon Found in over 60 Dinosaur Fossils

40. Is Evolution Really Based on Science?

41. The Five Rules of Paleontology

42. Are Birds Cousins to Reptiles?

43. How Can Soft Tissue be Found in Supposedly Millions-of-Years-Old Fossils?

44. Does Evolution Have Evidence for Fins-to Feet Transition?

45. Does Radioisotope Dating Prove an Old Earth?

46. Homo naledi is Another Failed Evolutionary Ape-Man

47. Do Fish Skulls Show Evolution? 

48. Scientific Debates Reveal Hidden Story Beneath Ape Fossil

49. One Step Closer to Life?

50. 30 Steps to Build a Human Body

51. Toothed Fish Fossil Rewrites Evolutionary Fish Story

52. Iron Face Mask Found in Coal?

53. Iron Pot Found in Coal

54. Ancient Human Skeletons

55. How Can Saltwater and Freshwater Fish be Fossilized Together?

56. How Did Stingrays Get Fossilized in Wyoming?

57. Links to Creation Sites